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Fuerza Bruta Event Staff Audition
June 2, 2009, 2:53 am
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“So what freaks you out?” Over 70 job candidates were asked this very relevant question last week during job interviews for what have got to be some of the Adrienne Arsht Center’s most unusual positions. The Center held “auditions” for event staff candidates who will be instrumental in guiding audiences through the very interactive summer production of Fuerza Bruta, where patrons will stand and move about the Lynn Wolfson Stage in the Ziff Ballet Opera House throughout the performance and look up as most of the action takes place above them.

A panel of four staff recruiters interviewed the candidates, who lined up early on a rainy day, intrigued by the announcement, which read that the Center was “looking for type A personalities with leadership skills”. “It was a fascinating opportunity to ask really quirky questions and consistently get very open and genuine responses,” says Evelyn Gigiras Sullivan, the Center’s Volunteer Manager.

In response to “What freaks you out?” many candidates answered “spiders” and “creepy crawly things.” A favorite response was, “…this question freaks me out!” Candidates were also asked, “What is the most irresponsible thing you’ve ever done,” and “What DJs do you like?” While a few answered, “I am not much of a partier,” many reacted with genuine enthusiasm to the odd questions.

Trish Brennan, VP of Human Resources, relayed, “I told everyone with ties to take them off; you won’t need them in this interview!” She smiles, “It was really interesting to see all of the ‘type As’ react to these questions.” Many of the lucky candidates left acting like they had just secured a final position on American Idol!

Originally from Argentina, a major hit throughout Latin America and Europe, and now playing a sold-out engagement in New York, Fuerza Bruta will begin loading in equipment, lighting, props, and even a 500-gallon see-through pool this Sunday. With shows beginning next week, the success of the audience experience will depend upon these event staff members, who will train rigorously on the cues involved in guiding around the 800 audience members during the show, to make way for the constantly moving set pieces, large equipment, and the very active performers.

While serving as an element of the performance itself, this special event staff will join a team of volunteer ushers and front-of-house staff already in place, whose excellent customer service at every performance always plays a central role in the overall Adrienne Arsht Center experience.


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