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Barton G.’s G-Lounge: Miami’s new pre- and post-show hotspot
June 16, 2009, 6:47 pm
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The Fuerza Bruta experience would not be complete without the G-Lounge by Barton G. Miami restaurateur and event impresario, Barton G. Weiss, has truly mastered the art of environmental transformations with his open, industrial design of the G-Lounge, located between the lobby and the Lynn Wolfson Stage where Fuerza Bruta is performed eight times per week. P.O.V. sat down with Barton G. to discuss the design, the food and, yes, those liquid nitrogen Cosmos!


P.O.V.: Tell us about your inspiration for the design of the G-Lounge?

Barton G: The inspiration for the G-Lounge came directly from Fuerza Bruta’s conceptual framework. I wanted to create an environment inspired by the raw energy and thought-provoking aesthetic presented in the show…a space that serves to set the tone as guests arrive for pre-show cocktails and then transforms into a post-show nightclub while evoking the spirit of Fuerza Bruta.

P.O.V.: How long did it take to build the G-Lounge and what were some of the creative/design roadblocks or hurdles?

Barton G: The concept and design of the G-Lounge transpired over a period of several weeks, beginning from when I first saw the New York performance and then returned to Miami to meet with the Adrienne Arsht Center and my creative team. There are challenges to every project, but having the opportunity to design an environment that would co-exist with the Fuerza Bruta experience was an immeasurable pleasure.

P.O.V.: The G-Lounge has an exceptionally creative and affordable menu, including fun foods like burgers on a stick and vegetarian noodles served right out of a Chinese takeout carton. What was the inspiration for your ‘Bocaditos’ menu?

Barton G: ‘Bocaditos’ are small bites that I felt would be appropriate in a lounge or nightclub setting. I wanted to give a fresh twist on popular items, such as the cheeseburgers, sushi pops and empanadas on sticks…while also creating a fun menu that incorporated a fusion of traditional American and Latin American selections. And the use of ‘Bocaditos,’ a word originating from Argentina, is a playful nod to the Argentine creators of Fuerza Bruta.

P.O.V.: Based on its popularity, it’s clear that the G-Lounge’s signature drink Nitro Cosmo is a must have! Please tell us about your liquid nitrogen drinks.

Barton G: Everyone loves the liquid nitrogen drinks! By using the nitrogen, we are able to freeze alcohol at minus 320 degrees Fahrenheit. We have frozen rum in our ‘Coca Bruta’…a Fuerza Bruta-inspired reinterpretation of the traditional rum and coke. The ‘Nitro Cosmo’ comes with a frozen vodka pop, and the ‘Block Impulse’ is made with frozen Johnnie Walker ice cubes! G-Lounge guests are also responding to our ‘Shot Pops’…shots of lemon vodka or Patron tequila frozen at minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit on our anti-griddles.

P.O.V. Before the show, the G-Lounge is bustling with patrons meeting up with their friends to have pre-show cocktails. After the show, the vibe changes as the G-Lounge stimulates all your senses with dimmed fluorescent lighting and a DJ spinning the latest hits from high above the bar. Did you intentionally create two different feels for the same lounge?

Barton G: Most definitely…the change in vibe is key to the G-Lounge, and it has been designed to mirror the emotional space of the audience. Guests are in a completely different mindset when they arrive in the G-Lounge before the show as opposed to when they exit the show, having just encountered a surreal world of highly physical and visual elements. The G-Lounge post-show experience builds upon the energy and intensity of Fuerza Bruta.


Thank you Barton G. for taking the time to talk with P.O.V. about the G-Lounge.


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