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Francisco Olazabal’s bold images enrapture Fuerza Bruta audiences
July 7, 2009, 6:34 pm
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The work of Miami-based artist Francisco Olazabal perfectly accentuates the creatively industrial, street-wise vibe that welcomes audiences to Fuerza Bruta every evening. Olazabal’s colorful photography – an array of striking images of rugged turf and hidden beauty – adorns the Adrienne Arsht Center’s backstage, an area usually reserved for cast and crew that has been transformed into a public thoroughfare exclusively for the run of Fuerza Bruta (on stage through August 2).

Copy of 2- Fransisco Olazabal by Mitchell Zachs

One of four Miami-based artists selected to showcase their work at the Arsht Center during the run of Fuerza Bruta, Olazabal displays pieces of time-worn posters dangling on decaying walls, captured in such a way that movement and decay actually serve as beautifying, meaningful effects of art.

Olazabal is represented by Miami’s Chelsea Galleria, an innovative establishment located in the Wynwood Art District, just a few blocks north of the Center. Born in Havana, Cuba, Olazabal immigrated to the states in 1960. Never more than a serious hobby until his later years in life, photography has now given Francisco Olazabal an outlet for his creative passions. Olazabal gained more fully a sense of art and of his calling after taking classes at the University of Miami. He now travels throughout Europe and the U.S. on his journey to capture beauty in even the obscurest of places, using both film and digital imaging in his photographs.

1- Fransisco Olazabal by Mitchell Zachs

To learn about the other artists featured at the Adrienne Arsht Center during Fuerza Bruta, visit  https://arshtpov.wordpress.com and look out for future editions of P.O.V.


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