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The Team Behind the Team: Interns shine at the Adrienne Arsht Center
July 7, 2009, 7:06 pm
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Behind the big names, the stage productions or even a weekly meeting’s pie chart, there is oftentimes an intern who secretly prides himself for having taken part in something special at the Adrienne Arsht Center. Unlike many other internship programs, the Center does not limit their intern help to last-minute errands and busywork. Interns at the Arsht Center escort visiting press from all over the world as they tour the Center for the first time, greet visiting artists as they arrive backstage, and participate in brainstorming sessions with the programming team.

The program aims to stimulate participants in a real working environment and lend a hand in steering them in the right direction. Open and accessible, the program is affiliated with 15 schools and centers around the country, welcoming more than 25 high school and college students since the Center opened 3 years ago. Also on target for the opportunity are individuals looking for a career change, eager to test the waters.


Interns are active, carrying out important business and accountable for important assignments. For most participants, internships are exchange programs: they put in work and, in turn, receive credits or recommendations. “More than anything, the program is a learning experience. It’s like trying on a job to see if it fits,” explains Trish Brennan, Human Resources Vice President.

Brennan explains that because the experience acts as experimental work – a “trial run” of real life – internships usually “get hooked.” It is not uncommon that interns find their calling through this exposure, nor is it unusual for internships to turn into permanent, paid jobs. Tom Gordon’s career is one case where both these statements proved true. A graduate student at the University of Miami, Gordon was required to take up an internship and sought out an engagement where he would do more than push papers. After submitting an application to the Adrienne Arsht Center, Gordon began his internship in the Center’s programming department. Not sure of his direction, he was taught the ropes of programming and, as Brennan would say, “got hooked.” After 3 months, Gordon earned his well-deserved promotion and is now employed as a programming coordinator for the Center, regularly interacting with artists and managing special events taking place at the Center. “It was exactly the right starter,” said Gordon, looking back at the experience.


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Tom rocks.

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