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Hybrid Artists Tell P.O.V. Just What Makes Them Stand Out
July 21, 2009, 6:39 pm
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With video installations in both the Fuerza Bruta lobby and the G-Lounge, Maker&theMaDe steals the show. A practitioner of ‘hybrid art’, Maker&theMaDe primarily aims to fuse different media and genres together to produce new-age art with a message. Through combined creative talents, visionaries Adam Reign and Osiris S. have created this progressive, contemporary establishment. Missionaries of truth, these two artists deliver reality and authenticity in the most visually appealing of ways.
Free of restrictive boundary, artists of Maker&theMaDe are innovative and creative to the core. This bedrock notion is what directly allowed for the creation of the enthralling video installations at Fuerza Bruta.

Q: What major influences have compelled Maker&theMaDe to take the shape it bears today?

M&M: The biggest influences are the two main artists, Adam Reign and Osiris S., and their individual backgrounds and upbringings.
Adam’s background is in photography and film making, and Osiris’s background is in fine art, design, & motion graphics.

Copy of 382-FuerzaBrutaOpeningNightJune11PhotosByMitchellZachs

Q: Would you say that the hybrid creations of Maker&theMaDe are revolutionary to the world of art?

M&M: Fundamentally speaking, yes; our work is about challenging the creation processes of photographic and design art, thus becoming part of a whole new wave of art. We are part of a new generation of emerging artists with fresh perspectives and inspirations, new ways of experiencing the world and universe around us. Never has there been a time or place that information is so freely given and available.
At the end of day, we just want to express ourselves and, in turn, create something anew through collaborative art and new technologies.
A wise man once said there is never a crowd on the leading edge.

Q: Is Hybrid Art a genre that aims to direct artists to a specified art form or does it act more as an outlet for new, avant-garde art genres?

M&M: It’s all about new avant-garde genres. It’s all about freeing one’s mind to really create work that doesn’t need to fit into a specific box. We feel it’s the wonderful manifestation of free minds across the globe.

Q: How did you get involved with the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts?

M&M: Our first experience with the Adrienne Arsht Center was via a close friend, dancer/choreographer Rosie Herrera and her 2009 “Here and Now” performance for Miami Light Project called Various Stages of Drowning: a Cabaret. For her show we made a short film that took place, for-the-most part, underwater. The shooting was awesome, the footage came out great, and the short film played as the end to her show. All in all, it was a fun experience that we feel has started a long collaboration with Rosie. After that show, we were reacquainted with Elizabeth Boone & Rebekah Lengel from Miami Light Project (Adam has known them since he was a 16-year-old bboy), from which, they recommended us to the Adrienne Arsht Center, as they were looking for good emerging artists that could produce original video content for an installation at Fuerza Bruta.

Q: What do you think of Fuerza Bruta as a parallel to your art? In other words, do you think the message of the two art forms can relate?

M&M: We were astonished when we first watched the clips from Fuerza Bruta!
It was striking and reassuring to feel the energy of the show and how similar we felt in terms of what we like our art to feel like and where our minds are heading.
From interviews we saw of the show’s creator Diqui James, he looks for truths: ever-lasting basic human connections that all humans throughout the history of time feel in some form or another. Our work at Maker&theMaDe aims to connect and promote similar human qualities through interesting and fun visual experiences.

For more information concerning Maker&theMaDe or hybrid art, check out http://makerandthemade.com or email hybrid@makerandthemade.com.


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