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Kids Want More Hot Peas and Butter
November 23, 2009, 9:32 pm
Filed under: Family Fun

A child’s early experiences with plays and concerts are adventures. I loved my 5-year-old daughter’s reaction when she heard the opening song at the Hot Peas & Butter show on Sunday: she looked at me with wide eyes and said, “Mommy, this is not a ‘show’, this is a rock and roll concert!” Accustomed to attending shows like Annie, she was in awe of being able to dance in the “kiddie mosh pit” and let her body do what it naturally wanted to.

To be a parent in 2009 — especially a contemporary-minded one — is to be blasted by possibilities for nurturing cultural awareness and entertainment possibilities in one’s offspring. The commercial successes have been widely noted on television ratings, Billboard charts, and in shopping carts. But they eclipse a more “indie” kid music where hipster meets high chair that is encouraging more parental connoisseurship.

Hot Peas & Butter falls into this genre. These two hipster guys (who were quite obviously dads, themselves, or at least really cool uncles) had the house movin’ from their second verse. With an expert bongo beat and some sweet harmony, they sang about sneezes, chickens, humming, the railroad, and the rain and there wasn’t a second where I felt that I wanted the music to STOP like I often feel with children’s music.

Not only did my children and I bond over a shared love for the tunes, we created a memory that will last long past the usual Sunday trip to the park. Theater-going allows my children to experience something I love as a grown-up and exposes them to the value of the arts—even if at the end of the day it was really a rock and roll concert.


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