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October 13, 2010, 1:57 pm
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One summer ago, I found myself lucky enough to land an internship at the Adrienne Arsht Center. A resident of Miami Beach since birth, I’d watched the Center spring up in my own backyard, and had become quickly enamored with its presence downtown. Every morning I’d drive down Biscayne Boulevard and for the few seconds I’d pass through the core of the Arsht Center — right in between the Carnival Studio Theater and the Knight Concert Hall — I felt the pride of Miami resonating off the buildings.  To me, the Arsht Center was a star in a city already full of shine and culture.   

When I got the call to come in for an interview for the job of writing for the Center’s blog and newsletter, I was ecstatic, to say the least. I came into the office in what I pulled together as my best office attire with my clunky visitor pass wrapped around my neck, and within those first five minutes, I was well aware I was in for more than a summer of paper-pushing. Staring down at my first three assignments — scribbled erratically in nervous hand — I took a deep breath and snatched up the phone to arrange an interview with Ricky Arriola, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Center. 

I spent hours shadowing workers backstage, playing photographer at charity events and, when I could grab a chance, exploring the leviathan white halls and empty wine-colored theaters. Confidence came swiftly as I began to live for the rush of a deadline. On top of improving my skills as a journalist, I acquired the ability to work professionally and objectively. I met new friends and felt welcome in an office full of experienced superiors, and was the only one out of my high school friends who could proudly declare I loved my job.

Applying to journalism school, I wrote about my role at the Arsht Center as the defining one that brought me confidence in my career choice. Upon my acceptance into college, I knew that I owed it in part to those who gave me the opportunity to write here at the Arsht Center.

This summer I was invited to return to my position, and I gladly accepted the chance to practice my writing skills before facing journalism school. I again benefitted from another summer with my Arsht Center family and gained strength and stamina as a writer and researcher. In a few days I will begin another journey to the University of Maryland and I leave the Arsht Center with immeasurable gratitude. In particular I’d like to thank with all my heart Esther Park and Louis Tertocha for the opportunity to work at a world class center; I couldn’t have been in the place I am today without them, because although I am saying good-bye the Center and to Miami, I’m packing with me real world experience that I couldn’t have earned anywhere else.

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