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My POV: Abby Thompson
October 21, 2010, 7:29 pm
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My name is Abigail Thompson. I am nine years old and in Mrs. Brody’s class in the 4th grade at Kendale Elementary School.  On Friday, September 24, we went to see Rock Odyssey at the Adrienne Arsht Center for a school field trip. 

As we were getting ready for our field trip to go see Rock Odyssey, I checked in with my friend Kyle, who said, “I’m really excited for this field trip.” I was very excited, too.

“This is gonna be so cool! I can’t wait!” I kept telling myself as the busses drew nearer to the Adrienne Arsht Center. As we were told where to go by the friendly ushers, we were becoming more and more excited.  As we finally arrived in the theater, I took note of some designs. There were many speakers, and even more lights.

The lights dimmed, and everyone was really excited for the show. The actors were great; the music was grand; there were great special effects and wonderful clothing designs. In some songs, the kids (audience) decided to join in. We started waving and clapping!  Our wonderful teacher Mrs. Brody said, “I think it was great how the kids all joined in on the fun!”

After the show, I decided to ask some people about what they thought about the show. Another teacher, Mrs. Abraham, said, “The show was fantastic. This was my first time here and I can’t wait to come back!” Lucas told me that of all his experiences here, he thinks this one was the best. Bryan said, “It was epic.” Lauren announced, “It was breath-taking.” Amanda said, “Wow! This is amazing!” After that, we left. That was our amazing time at the Adrienne Arsht Center.

I really enjoyed the music and the clothing designs.  My favorite part of the show was when everyone was reunited at the end. After the show, we headed back to school, hoping we can come back again.


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Great article Abby!

Comment by David Stephens

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