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March 30, 2011, 8:26 pm
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Running around in heels holding a drink is usually what I find myself doing on a Saturday evening. However, I do not usually sprint down a 50-ft runway in four-inch heels while putting on lipstick, carrying a shopping bag and balancing a Divatini. But, what can I say, I’m a “Diva Queen” so no task is impossible…

When I woke up Saturday morning I never could have imagined the day I had in store. I found out about The Diva Games through a friend of mine and thought it would be a fun Saturday activity. Not to mention the $500 shopping spree to Aventura Mall which I was in desperate need of.

I arrived at the Adrienne Arsht Center at 5:30pm. When I saw the long red carpet and big bright lights surrounding the rows of chairs I knew this would be fun but not easy. The first competition was a race to see which girl could get down the runway the fastest while putting on lipstick, holding a full martini glass, and holding a shopping bag. Yes, this was as exhausting and difficult as it sounds! However, I was able to sprint down the red carpet in my four-inch cobalt-blue peep-toe pumps without spilling a drop on my silk blouse.

After this challenge was finished the next challenge was to model an item from our shopping bags down the runway with grace and style, no matter how crazy the item. I was given a small pair of plastic orange star shaped sunglasses. Even though I was nervous after watching one of the girls storm down the runway like Naomi Campbell, I put on my star shaped glasses, blew the judges a kiss, and stomped down the runway like I was Tyra Banks.

After that challenge was finished all of the girls were split into teams of three for the final challenge. Each team had to recreate the looks of photographs of various performers at the Adrienne Arsht Center—Kathy Griffin, Dianne Reeves, Robyn Peterson, etc.—and style our models with that look. The catch was that we all had to pick from the same clothing rack and were only given two minutes to style our model! So you can imagine this scene looked like a group of wild lions racing toward its prey. Thankfully there was no hair pulling involved! The look I had to recreate was a photo of Robyn Peterson, Diva Games judge and the star of Catwalk Confidential. In the photo, she was wearing trousers, a striped vest, tie, and a very cute beret. As soon as I pushed my way to the racks I was focused. I grabbed a tie, a vest, and—lucky enough for me—a beret right before another girl tried to snatch it away. As I hurried to dress the model the judges called time and we had to present the model right then and there. I’m not going to lie, as beautiful as our model was, I thought our outfit made her look crazy! But to my surprise the judges liked the look.

After the challenges were over we all anxiously waited to see who would be announced the “Diva Queen.” We all lined up in front of the runway and the judge announced the runners up. I thought to myself, “Oh well at least I had fun.” Finally, the judge announced the “Diva Queen” was contestant number 24. I looked down, then I looked back up, and then I looked down again, and realized I was contestant number 24! I was the “Diva Queen” winner! I won a $500 dollar shopping spree to Michael Kors, Charles David, Sephora, and a bunch of other great places at Aventura Mall, a free photo shoot with fashion photographer Codis Kirschner, and two tickets to see Kathy Griffin at the Adrienne Arsht Center! I jumped for joy as they placed the furry light-up crown on top of my head and passed me a bouquet of flowers and had me walk the runway one last time.

I went shopping the very next day. And I’m looking forward to my fashion photo shoot and watching Kathy Griffin. Thank you to the Adrienne Arsht Center and all the judges for crowing me the “Diva Queen!”


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