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May 10, 2011, 6:46 pm
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As a writer and an actor, this entire experience has truly been one of a kind for me. It’s rare that the students of South Florida are allowed the opportunity to live out a real-life experience like this; and I have had an amazing time participating in The Student Reviewer Program. My English teacher, Mr. Christian Losa, introduced the idea to me of joining this competition early in March, and assured me that it would be a valuable experience that I would not want to miss out on. Following the advice given to me, I came to the Student Press Event, and as I have gone through each portion of this program, I cannot be happier with the results of it all.

People see plays all the time. It’s hard not to catch on to the rich and diverse theatrical talent that we have here in South Florida. And when a group of people gather in a theater to watch these lives play out on the stage before them, every last person within that audience will have their own opinion; and it is my personal opinion that this goes especially for the youth of today, who bring bright and innovative new points-of-view on the cultural anomaly that is art. And I truly hope that the Student Reviewer Program inspires even more students all over Florida to get their words out there to the public. Especially on masterpieces, such as the visual grandeur that is The Sparrow. ‘Cause who knows? Maybe you just might end up on the Herald one day.

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