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May 10, 2011, 6:42 pm
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On Saturday, April 16, the Adrienne Arsht Center celebrated at the annual Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade & Festival with a float inspired by the Tony-winning musical, HAIR, coming to the Ziff Ballet Opera House May 31 – June 5. One of our lucky staff got the chance to be a part of this fun and slightly kooky experience! Here he shares with us his experience.

On April 16, Miami Beach played host to the annual PRIDE event which saw thousands of people celebrating PEACE, LOVE, AND what else… FREEDOM! And what better show to capture this feeling of unity other than HAIR, which is itself a celebration of those values that the hippies held so close to their flowery wreathed hearts! Having the opportunity to be a part of the parade that preceded the day’s festivities was a thrilling and enjoyable experience. It’s not often that you get to be a part of something like this that brings so much positive energy to the city, and being there in the thick of it instilled a sense of belonging in my own flowery wreathed, hippie heart.

This year’s PRIDE event is one that will remain in my memories because I was not only there to enjoy the day but to take part in making it better for all those in attendance; the ones who waved at me, the ones who shot up a peace sign in my direction hoping to catch my eye, the ones who took the time to read my homemade sign and giggle at the text. Being up in that float and on display to the crowd was a rush to say the least. I couldn’t stop waving and smiling. But the fun didn’t end with the parade. Throughout the rest of the day and into the evening I can’t count the number of times I was stopped to pose for a picture or shoot back a peace sign to a smiling face in the crowd of PROUD men and women. Thank you to those who made it possible for me to be able to have this memory to look back on fondly.

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