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Out and About with the Fuerza Bruta Cast
August 5, 2009, 4:12 pm
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Fuerza Bruta ends August 9 and has entertained more than 30,000 patrons. The dynamic performance is the longest running production the Adrienne Arsht Center has ever presented, which means the stars of the show are quite the busy bunch. When the cast of Fuerza Bruta isn’t swimming in a mylar pool, running through moving walls and flipping through the air, what are they possibly up to? For many of them, this is their first trip to Miami and with physically demanding 7-day work weeks for the Adrienne Arsht Center’s longest-running show; one wonders how they are spending their off time in the “Magic City”.  Fuerza Bruta performers Martin Buzzo, Ilia Castro and Brooke Miyasaki took some time from their off-time for P.O.V. to find out.

Fuerza Bruta Cast on South Beach

Fuerza Bruta Cast on South Beach


Fuerza Bruta cast with the Miami Heat dancers

Fuerza Bruta cast with the Miami Heat dancers

Q: Have you been hanging out mostly on South Beach? If so, where?

A: Martin — I enjoy the beach both during day and night. I tend to hand out mostly at bars and lounges because I am not really a nightclub guy. I especially like Double Deuce, Jazid and Purdy Lounge. We hung out at Club 50 at the Viceroy where we enjoyed their fantastic rooftop.

Ilia — I’ve spent a lot of my free time on South Beach. I love sunbathing and just being near the ocean. It’s so peaceful and relaxing. Miami is the only place in the U.S. where you feel like you’re on a tropical island, but not be. Also, the music, the people, the vibe are all great.

Q: Where have you had your most memorable Miami evening outings? Why?

A: Ilia — The most memorable night I had here in Miami was at the nightclub, Space. We all went out as a cast. Everyone was having a good time. I love being around the people I’ve come to care about and just enjoy each others’ company.

Brooke — Some of my most memorable nights have been at Miami staples: a night by the pool at the Delano, a dinner in the Design District, music at Jazid, or in the water at South Beach.

Q: What about Miami has surprised you the most?

A: Ilia — The one thing about Miami that has surprised me the most is that the music scene out here is so diverse!!! You have everything from Hip Hop, to House, to Reggae. Whatever I’m in the mood for I can find on any night!

Brooke — I’ve been very taken back by the openness of the people of Miami. Socially, people want to connect, are open to embracing new cultures, food, experiences, etc, and they don’t have a problem expressing it. With that comes a very friendly outlook of the natives here. This is a culture of sun and sweat, and I see it reflected in the warmth of the people and a positive outlook on life in general.

High School Art Student Adds Novelty Touches to Fuerza Bruta Experience
July 21, 2009, 6:44 pm
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Born-and-raised Miami kid James Quinaz is an early riser in the realm of established art. A student at Design and Architecture Senior High (DASH), Quinaz’s art was selected to be featured in the Fuerza Bruta loading dock. Quinaz’s entire life has been influenced by art of all different mediums-from spray paint to film- but from an early age, he knew his biggest passion lay in the world of street art. His work in the loading dock, the entrance for the Fuerza Bruta production, headlines silhouetted figures, and plays on both bright and fading colors. Facial features in the works are powerful and dramatic and the highlight colors mirror and smooth out the image. Quinaz’s career in art is only beginning; after his classroom education is completed, he eagerly hopes to pursue his career in street art and become a professional artist and architect.

Fuerza Bruta Press Meet - June10,09 Photos by Mitchell Zachs (111)

Quinaz’s school, DASH, is a magnet school in the heart of the Design DistrictCurrently ranked as the 5th best public high school in the nation by US News & World Report, the school offers specialty programs in Architecture/Interior Design, Fashion Design, Industrial Design, Entertainment Technology, and Visual Communications/Web Design. The curriculum enforces a strong foundation in the fine arts, and students go beyond the classroom to pursue their specialties. With the assistance of the school, many students engage in internships with local design firms or enlist in dual-enrollment college-level design courses taught by professors from local colleges as well as by field professionals.

Hybrid Artists Tell P.O.V. Just What Makes Them Stand Out
July 21, 2009, 6:39 pm
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With video installations in both the Fuerza Bruta lobby and the G-Lounge, Maker&theMaDe steals the show. A practitioner of ‘hybrid art’, Maker&theMaDe primarily aims to fuse different media and genres together to produce new-age art with a message. Through combined creative talents, visionaries Adam Reign and Osiris S. have created this progressive, contemporary establishment. Missionaries of truth, these two artists deliver reality and authenticity in the most visually appealing of ways.
Free of restrictive boundary, artists of Maker&theMaDe are innovative and creative to the core. This bedrock notion is what directly allowed for the creation of the enthralling video installations at Fuerza Bruta.

Q: What major influences have compelled Maker&theMaDe to take the shape it bears today?

M&M: The biggest influences are the two main artists, Adam Reign and Osiris S., and their individual backgrounds and upbringings.
Adam’s background is in photography and film making, and Osiris’s background is in fine art, design, & motion graphics.

Copy of 382-FuerzaBrutaOpeningNightJune11PhotosByMitchellZachs

Q: Would you say that the hybrid creations of Maker&theMaDe are revolutionary to the world of art?

M&M: Fundamentally speaking, yes; our work is about challenging the creation processes of photographic and design art, thus becoming part of a whole new wave of art. We are part of a new generation of emerging artists with fresh perspectives and inspirations, new ways of experiencing the world and universe around us. Never has there been a time or place that information is so freely given and available.
At the end of day, we just want to express ourselves and, in turn, create something anew through collaborative art and new technologies.
A wise man once said there is never a crowd on the leading edge.

Q: Is Hybrid Art a genre that aims to direct artists to a specified art form or does it act more as an outlet for new, avant-garde art genres?

M&M: It’s all about new avant-garde genres. It’s all about freeing one’s mind to really create work that doesn’t need to fit into a specific box. We feel it’s the wonderful manifestation of free minds across the globe.

Q: How did you get involved with the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts?

M&M: Our first experience with the Adrienne Arsht Center was via a close friend, dancer/choreographer Rosie Herrera and her 2009 “Here and Now” performance for Miami Light Project called Various Stages of Drowning: a Cabaret. For her show we made a short film that took place, for-the-most part, underwater. The shooting was awesome, the footage came out great, and the short film played as the end to her show. All in all, it was a fun experience that we feel has started a long collaboration with Rosie. After that show, we were reacquainted with Elizabeth Boone & Rebekah Lengel from Miami Light Project (Adam has known them since he was a 16-year-old bboy), from which, they recommended us to the Adrienne Arsht Center, as they were looking for good emerging artists that could produce original video content for an installation at Fuerza Bruta.

Q: What do you think of Fuerza Bruta as a parallel to your art? In other words, do you think the message of the two art forms can relate?

M&M: We were astonished when we first watched the clips from Fuerza Bruta!
It was striking and reassuring to feel the energy of the show and how similar we felt in terms of what we like our art to feel like and where our minds are heading.
From interviews we saw of the show’s creator Diqui James, he looks for truths: ever-lasting basic human connections that all humans throughout the history of time feel in some form or another. Our work at Maker&theMaDe aims to connect and promote similar human qualities through interesting and fun visual experiences.

For more information concerning Maker&theMaDe or hybrid art, check out http://makerandthemade.com or email hybrid@makerandthemade.com.

Francisco Olazabal’s bold images enrapture Fuerza Bruta audiences
July 7, 2009, 6:34 pm
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The work of Miami-based artist Francisco Olazabal perfectly accentuates the creatively industrial, street-wise vibe that welcomes audiences to Fuerza Bruta every evening. Olazabal’s colorful photography – an array of striking images of rugged turf and hidden beauty – adorns the Adrienne Arsht Center’s backstage, an area usually reserved for cast and crew that has been transformed into a public thoroughfare exclusively for the run of Fuerza Bruta (on stage through August 2).

Copy of 2- Fransisco Olazabal by Mitchell Zachs

One of four Miami-based artists selected to showcase their work at the Arsht Center during the run of Fuerza Bruta, Olazabal displays pieces of time-worn posters dangling on decaying walls, captured in such a way that movement and decay actually serve as beautifying, meaningful effects of art.

Olazabal is represented by Miami’s Chelsea Galleria, an innovative establishment located in the Wynwood Art District, just a few blocks north of the Center. Born in Havana, Cuba, Olazabal immigrated to the states in 1960. Never more than a serious hobby until his later years in life, photography has now given Francisco Olazabal an outlet for his creative passions. Olazabal gained more fully a sense of art and of his calling after taking classes at the University of Miami. He now travels throughout Europe and the U.S. on his journey to capture beauty in even the obscurest of places, using both film and digital imaging in his photographs.

1- Fransisco Olazabal by Mitchell Zachs

To learn about the other artists featured at the Adrienne Arsht Center during Fuerza Bruta, visit  https://arshtpov.wordpress.com and look out for future editions of P.O.V.

An Experience Beyond the Show
July 1, 2009, 3:37 pm
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The Fuerza Bruta lobby is as alive and interactive as the show.  Audiences can participate in activities that reach far outside the building’s walls, connecting patrons with others everywhere.

Interested in finding new friends? The Miami New Times “Like Me” kiosk connects people with similar likes, hobbies and habits.  Enter your name and preferences to meet people in any area who are just like you.  The ‘Like Me’ kiosk is located lobby right.


Record your thoughts on Fuerza Bruta pre- and post show in our testimonial booth, located lobby left. Testimonial videos are filmed and then instantly uploaded to any email address you specify.  Audiences line up after the show to share their Fuerza Bruta experience with friends and family. Testimonial videos are free to audience members. 

More than a show, Fuerza Bruta is an experience that connects audiences to each other and the world at large.

Miami’s Fresh Monkey decked the Adrienne Arsht Center loading dock
June 30, 2009, 3:39 pm
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Daniel Aaron Fila aka Krave, aka Fresh Monkey, 28, is legit. By that, we mean he has a BFA from Columbus College of Art and Design and a master’s degree in Street Art from the School of Hard Knocks. The Miami native has worked in the area for more than 10 years as a graffiti street artist with a particular penchant for murals. Fila is one of 4 Miami-based artists selected to showcase their work at the Adrienne Arsht Center during the run of Fuerza Bruta, now on stage through August 2.

Copy of krave1

His latest work can now be seen on the east wall of the Adrienne Arsht Center’s loading dock, which has been converted into an industrial-inspired main entrance to the Center’s summer hit Fuerza Bruta. The “Fresh Monkey,” the character at the center of the Adrienne Arsht Center painting and at the core of many of Fila’s works, has been referred to as the artist’s alter-ego, and first came about while he was doing a school project years ago. The “fresh” refers to the little creature’s proclivity for trouble. Although Fila says he sometimes feels caged in when it comes to expressing himself, his naughty little alter-ego can be seen all over the city in some of the most colorful graffiti art Miami has seen.

In 2003, Fila gained notoriety for his provocative 2003 “Erin” mural, a 13-foot posterior-view nude that graced the east wall of Oppenheim Architecture and Design in the heart of the Design District. The mural was mysteriously, and ironically enough, painted over illegally, but the building is now adorned with a new work entitled “Adam and Eve,” featuring Paleolithic-style fertility figures with large hips, curvy torsos, and small heads. Fila’s work has been featured at Art Basel, and he has also worked on projects for such notable brands as MTV, the Ritz-Carlton, and Greyhound bus lines. Recently, the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau featured his artwork on a city wall as part of a national ad campaign celebrating Miami’s culture.

Copy of Fuerza Bruta Press Meet - June10,09 Photos by Mitchell Zachs (13)

To learn about the other artists featured at the Adrienne Arsht Center during Fuerza Bruta, visit https://arshtpov.wordpress.com/ and look out for future editions of P.O.V.

Rapper Lil Wayne attends Fuerza Bruta
June 16, 2009, 9:42 pm
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If you came to the Saturday, June 13 evening performance of Fuerza Bruta, you might have rubbed elbows with GRAMMY® Award-winning recording artist Lil Wayne. The star rapper made a surprise appearance at the Magic City’s interactive summer show taking place at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County. Upon arrival, Lil Wayne waited in his limo as a friend went inside the Ziff Ballet Opera House loading dock, which has been transformed into an industrially and futuristically-styled entrance to Fuerza Bruta.  His companion purchased four tickets and the group snuck in right at curtain, easily blending into the crowd of Fuerza Bruta showgoers.


A celebrity sighting is nothing new for Fuerza Bruta.  The New York engagement has frequent A-list fan visits including Leonardo DiCaprio, Jude Law, Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Jessica Alba, Cameron Diaz, Sting, Britney Spears, Harrison Ford, Tyra Banks, Robert DeNiro, Catherine Zeta Jones, Sandra Bullock, Adrian Grenier, Lucy Liu, Demi Moore, and Drew Barrymore!

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