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Have you ever wondered what happens behind the curtain at the Adrienne Arsht Center? There are more than 100 individuals who work in “backstage” careers that help to put a production on the stage. Many of these professionals had an “aha” moment which inspired them to pursue a career in the arts while participating in student internships at a performing arts organization.

The Adrienne Arsht Center wants to help high-school and college students find their “aha” moment with our Marketing Internship program. Every semester, the Adrienne Arsht Center’s marketing department takes on several students to share in the whirlwind excitement of promoting Center events and productions.   

In this program, interns don’t just alphabetize a file cabinet. Interns are introduced to the many facets of the performing arts and promotion process, focusing on many types of productions and events, budgeting, developing ideas, working with print, radio and TV and helping to plan communication strategies for various campaigns.  

Adrienne Arsht Center interns have come from schools nation-wide and leave the program with a ready-for-anything mind-set, strong business sense, and passion for theater. 

Adrienne Arsht Center Interns learn the value of the creative process as the underpinning of the theatrical industry while supporting the overall marketing efforts of a world-class performing arts center in one of the most diverse communities in the world. Examples of projects students have been involved with include everything from planning viral marketing campaigns and events to assisting with large-scale events like Fall for the Arts.

“More than anything, the program is a learning experience. It’s like trying on a job to see if it fits,” explains Trish Brennan, Human Resources Vice President. Brennan explains that because the experience acts as experimental work – a “trial run” of real life – interns usually “get hooked.” It is not uncommon that interns find their calling through this exposure, nor is it unusual for internships to turn into permanent, paid jobs.


Created by the award-winning team at The House Theatre of Chicago, The Sparrow is one of the most original and acclaimed new works to emerge from the Chicago theater scene in decades. In April, the Adrienne Arsht Center presents this story of tragedy, triumph, superpowers and good ol’ fashioned high school popularity contests at the Carnival Studio Theater, April 7 – May 1.

The Adrienne Arsht Center is reaching out to Miami-Dade high school and college students in drama and journalism programs to engage them in this national hit play. On February 19, The Sparrow creator and House Theatre founder Nathan Allen will be chatting directly with students via Skype about the inner workings of the show. Journalism students will receive press kits, credentials and an invitation to review the show in the Adrienne Arsht Center’s first “student press-only viewing.” Some student journalists will have their reviews published in local publications, the upcoming Sparrow micro-site, and on the Adrienne Arsht Center’s POV newsletter blog!  

Drama students will not be left out! Allen will recommend scenes for classroom exercises and they will be invited to participate in the maiden “Ghost Class” program. Similar to Spring Awakening’s “Guilty Ones,” the “Ghost Class” is a group of young Sparrow enthusiasts who will build interest and spread the word about the show. From posting on Facebook, to passing out flyers, to creating viral videos on YouTube, these students will serve as ambassadors for the Adrienne Arsht Center and its highly anticipated production of The Sparrow. In addition to prizes such as tickets to the show and merchandise, one lucky “Ghost Class” member will be selected to win a walk-on role on Opening Night!

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